Two sexy street vendors are driving the internet nuts with their fruity outfits.

The unnamed ladies selling fried bananas in Thailand made sure they kept well ventilated during their hot work by wearing extremely low-slung tops - and the pictures have been shared thousands of times.

A hungry traveller took the pics after sampling the ladies’ wares and put them on social media.

He wrote in the caption: "I bought their bananas and just ate them right there in front of the shop. Then I bought some more."

Perhaps the girls, one in white and one in black, have simply been treating themselves to their own fried produce and put on weight in all the right places.

Where exactly the lucky social media photographer snapped the lovely ladies, he did not mention.

Bananas are always a popular snack food but, regardless of the quality of their goods, the young snack-sellers look sure to have a steady supply of customers if they continue with their current dress code.

Some internet commenters condemned the vendors for dressing inappropriately - but what is wrong with looking a-peeling when you are selling bananas?


Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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