A pensioner who bought a chicken egg from a farmers’ market was shocked to discover that it contained no fewer than five yolks.


The incredibly unlikely discovery was made by an elderly woman surnamed Tao.


The resident of Wuhan, capital of Central China’s Hubei Province, said each of the yolks measured just 1.5 centimetres (0.59 inches) in diameter, but they appeared completely normal.


When buying fruits and vegetables from the farmers’ market that morning, she did not notice anything odd about the eggs and believed them to be perfectly ordinary.


It was only cracking one open that she did a double take, having spotted the five yolks in her bowl.


Tao contacted local media about the phenomenon and asked members of the public for advice on whether it was safe to eat the bizarre egg.


It did not take long for her to get a response, with an unnamed associate professor from Wuhan’s Huazhong Agricultural University saying the yolks were safe to ingest and should be cooked at high temperatures.


The expert added that the five yolks may have been the result of the hen being frightened or suffering some other form of shock while producing the egg.


Author: Scott Feng

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