These pictures of two carrots that look like they have penises have gone viral on social media.


The "embarrassing" carrots, which each appear to have "legs" and a "penis", and even "pubic hair", were harvested by farmer Xu Chaobing who lives in the village of Fengshuxia, in Pujiang County in East China’s Zhejiang Province.


Xu, who is 70 years old this year, is known as the most "typical" farmer amongst his neighbours, because he only plants simple vegetables around his home and has been doing it for countless years.


When harvesting the batch of carrots recently, he pulled the pair of special vegetables from the earth and could not hide his laughter at their well-formed anatomies.


Xu was quoted as saying: "I’ve been farming carrots for decades, but I’ve never seen ones this strange before.


"These two carrots have legs, and between their legs there is something ‘embarrassing’."


Xu described the otherwise common vegetable as "baby boy carrots", and he left them in the field where they were found.


But the carrots became an overnight viral hit after local children picked them up and started posing with them, leaving netizens puzzled and amused.


Several users on China’s popular microblogging site Sina Weibo said the carrots did indeed resemble the male anatomy - and even had "public hair" to match.


Others said they had seen similar "mutant" carrots in the past, adding that despite their shape, they should be fine to eat.


Author: Scott Feng

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