A stunning rare rainbow was spotted by awestruck residents this week.


The 'paddle pop' fire rainbow caught the eye of locals around Singapore when it lit up the sky.


The pretty sight appeared following rainfall and in shared snaps on social media can be seen sneaking out the back of a cloud.


Watchers said they spotted an orange glow at first before it turned into the rare phenomenon.


National serviceman Aaron Toh was one who spotted it.


The 23-year-old said he had been relaxing by a pool at around 5pm when he first noticed the sight in the sky.


He said: "I saw a very bright orange glow in the sky. But it wasn't the sun. I didn't know what it was."


The glow then turned into the beautiful rainbow which stayed visible for around 15 minutes.


Wannabe photographer Scott Cheng, a 16-year-old student, said he was taking pictures when he spotted the sight which he labelled as "weird."


It is believed it was likely a fire rainbow, which occurs when sunlight refracts through ice-crystal clouds.


Others have also said it could have been cloud iridescence, which happens when water droplets or crystals scatter light.


Officially a fire rainbow is known by weather experts as a circumhorizontal arc.

AsiaWire/ Michael Seow / Nathalie Delbecq‎ Facebook / Natalie Claudia Wong

Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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