A kind nurse has become the subject of much online praise after she was spotted hugging a frightened and crying pensioner before an operation.


The elderly woman named Yan Zhaogen, 82, is said to have never set foot inside an operating theatre before in her life and was terrified at the prospect of going under the knife.


The woman from Changzhi City in North China’s Shanxi Province, who had been hospitalised with a bone fracture, was crying and shaking violently, and was quickly noticed by nurse Zhao Kaili - a veteran at the Changzhi Medical College Affiliated Heji Hospital.


Sympathising with the patient, the kind nurse immediately took her in her arms and hugged her for several minutes, also addressing her as if she were one of her own family members, saying: "Granny, don’t worry. Take a nap - we will be here the whole time."


The touching scenes were uploaded to Chinese social media, where netizens have been praising the nurse for her compassion.


Netizens were also relieved to hear that the pensioner calmed down and agreed to carry on with the surgery, which was ultimately successful.


She is now recovering in the hospital and can expect to be discharged in a few days time.


Author: Scott Feng

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