A mum cut her three-year-old son’s leg off at the thigh with a meat cleaver during a heated argument with the boy’s gran.

The two-year-old child is said to have been at home with his mum and grandmother when the two adults became involved in a heated argument.


The 30-year-old woman in Guyuan City, in north-western China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, then allegedly picked up a meat cleaver and hacked at her son’s right leg, severing it at the thigh.


Local authorities responding to alarming reports of screams and cries had to break in through the family’s sitting room window as all the doors to the residence were locked.


They detained the mum, surnamed Wang, on the spot and also rushed the boy, who was unconscious from excessive blood loss, to the city’s People’s Hospital.


One police officer was also seen running from the crime scene while carrying a plastic bag reportedly containing the boy’s severed limb, which was given to paramedics.


It is unclear whether the boy’s grandmother - Wang’s mother-in-law - was harmed during the dispute.


Doctors at the facility successfully reattached the boy’s right leg and he is now under 72-hour observation in the Intensive Care Unit.


Medics noted that the limb had suffered muscle death because of extreme blood loss, but the long-term effects of the unnamed boy’s injury are still unclear.


Reports citing local residents suggested that the mum had a mental episode at the time of the attack, but the authorities have not confirmed whether the suspect suffers from any psychological illness.


Author: Chris Tang

Christina Tang is based in Central China and has been working as a reporter exclusively for Asia Wire for the past two years.

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