A young woman whose nose was bitten off by a rat when she was less than a month old has finally found true love after marrying a man she met online.

Xu Qinqin, 21, has lived a life filled with stigma as "the girl with no nose" since her face was attacked by the rat at just 29 days old.

It did not help that she grew up in the village of Zhengjiaba in Yuechi County, in south-western China’s Sichuan Province, where other children her age - as well as those older - mocked her so much that she quit school shortly after starting at the age of six.

Without a proper education, then-17-year-old Xu thought travelling to the big city as a migrant worker would help her find a job, but what awaited her was not better, leading to her return just one year later.

At 19, she tied the knot with a man eight years older, but their marriage ended unhappily and abruptly.

It was not until this January, when Xu met her future husband Lin Zhuoqiang online, that her fortunes finally changed.

At first ashamed of her appearance, which has left something of a crater where her nose used to be, Xu finally grew comfortable with Lin, 24, who accepted her for who she was and encouraged her to be herself.

Just 46 days after meeting each other, the pair decided to wed and got permission from both families to do so.

Lin, who described himself as a "simple man", is now the talk of the town for marrying the girl with no nose, but he says he is determined to create a happy family with his new wife.


Author: Lance Zhang

Lance Zhang is a reporter for Asia Wire

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