This barber sweeps the hair he snips off customers into stunning artworks on the shop floor.

Wang Xiaojiu, a crimper from Jilin City in the Jilin Province of north-east China, has shown off his amazing compositions that take hours to complete.

The collection of pictures includes a shark that reportedly took him three hours. The finished picture was 1.3 metres (4 feet 3 inches) long.

Another animal-themed image was a giraffe poking its head out of the picture frame, also made of hair, giving a 3D effect.

There is also a fanged serpent, a mythical creature rather than the realistic shark and giraffe, looking like it has been tied to the floor and is writhing in fury.

Superhero Wolverine, from Marvel’s X-Men comics, has also been the subject of Xiaojiu’s artistic study, pictured in his trademark singlet brandishing his claws.

And there is also a group of cartoon characters, again rendered in amazing detail using tiny pieces of hair.

Xiaojiu, 32, has not revealed exactly how he creates his artworks but it must involve hours of very careful sweeping with a tiny brush.

After they have been photographed, it is thought Xiaojiu simply sweeps them away to make room for more customers’ hair to fall on the floor and be turned into more amazing art.


Author: Scott Feng

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