A tomato lover was stunned this week after he bit into his favourite fruit and found what appeared to be a strawberry growing inside.

The 23-year-old man who goes by the nickname "Superwen" was so surprised that he posted pictures of the bizarre growth online, asking for expert opinions.

Superwen, whose social media post has more than 1,000 likes and several hundred comments, also captioned the images with a very important question: "Should I eat it or not?"

The photos show the man from Shenyang, capital of north-eastern China’s Liaoning Province, having already taken several bites out of the tomato, revealing what appeared to be a strawberry inside.

The tomato apparently tasted quite normal, and Superwen had no problems eating the rest of it.

After a lot of guesswork from Chinese netizens, Superwen finally heard back from an expert through Chinese state-run media.

The agriculture specialist told the young man that the ‘strawberry’ most likely grew because the tomato was not fertilised properly and possibly also lacked water during development.

They assured him that it was edible.

Netizens, however, did not care much for the official explanation and seemed to only have thing on their minds: "How does it taste?"

Superwen, however, could not answer the question because he refused to try the ‘strawberry.’


Author: Scott Feng

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