A Japanese restaurant is serving a pizza sure to turn the stomach of pineapple-hating Icelandic President Johannesson - it is topped with candyfloss.

The Icelandic leader caused a storm of controversy by saying he would ban pineapple as a pizza topping if he could, with pizza lovers divided into for and against camps.

Anyone who hates the idea of the sweet tropical fruit on their pizza would surely be horrified by candyfloss there.

But the Schmatz Beer Dining restaurant in the Kanda area of Japanese capital Tokyo not only serves pizza with candyfloss, it is now adding cherry blossoms to the recipe.

Japanese people love the annual blossoming of their cherry trees, with picnicking under one seen as a cultural event.

The pizza is first topped with three different types of cheese, then with candyfloss, then a ginger and honey sauce is provided to drizzle over the top, with cherry blossoms floating in it.

The cherry blossom recipe is a limited offer, timed to coincide with the blossoming of the trees, and runs out on 2nd April.

In Japan, cherry blossoms symbolise clouds and so also the ephemeral nature of life itself.

From the eighth century, royal courtiers would picnic under blossoming cherry trees.

Over the centuries, the tradition has been adopted by all of Japanese society.


Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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