A plastic surgery hospital is under investigation for performing a botched penis enlargement on a 13-year-old boy who lied and said he was 18.


The unnamed teenager from Changji City in north-western China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region approached cosmetic experts at the hospital about the procedure after believing that his penis was "too small".


The boy, who now deeply regrets the decision, was quoted as saying: "I tried taking medication for a year, but when that didn’t work I reached out to the doctors online.


"They told me to come in for a 92-RMB (10-GBP) sexual performance test and also diagnosed me with premature ejaculation."


Determined to turn his fortunes around, the frustrated and embarrassed teen claimed he was 18 and underwent the enlargement surgery at Changji Nine Continents Male Hospital, which apparently did not enquire for further proof of his age.


But things did not go as planned after the operation left him with a "3 to 4-centimetre (1.18 to 1.57-inch)" scar on his member, causing it to "turn black".


Surgeons said they could fix the botched enlargement with more procedures, but the boy was reluctant.


He was convinced, however, after the medics told him about the consequences of his hesitation.


He said: "[The doctors] said my erection would only last one minute if I didn’t get treatment."


The teenager finally confessed to his parents - partly out of fear and also because he did not have enough money to pay for the treatment, which cost his mum and dad 15,000 RMB (1,752 GBP).


It was only after his parents arrived that hospital staff realised he was a minor.


But the parents had to agree to the surgery anyway in order to save their son’s penis.


They are now also faced with a mountain of postoperative fees, reports said.


The hospital’s Director, surnamed Qian, said the facility would definitely have asked for permission from the boy’s guardians had they known he was a minor.


Changji City’s health bureau is said to be investigating the hospital and could fine it heavily for negligence.


Author: Scott Feng

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