A set of viral photos shows how one heroic doctor took a power nap on the floor so he would have enough energy to complete his 28-hour shift.

Thoracic surgeon Luo Heng, who works for the Dingyuan General Hospital, performed operations throughout the night at the end of last month and finished two surgeries with colleague Chen Kai.

But a third surgery was scheduled for the morning after, Chen said, so Luo seized the only opportunity he had to recharge his batteries.

Despite the chilly temperatures at the hospital in Dingyuan County, in East China’s Anhui Province, Luo chose not to return to his residence and instead lay down on the corridor floor - still fully kitted.

Chen snapped pictures of the heart-breaking sight with his mobile phone and later uploaded them to Chinese social media, where they quickly spread among hundreds of millions of users.

Luo’s colleagues noted that, by the time his shift ended, he had worked for some 28 hours.

Luo is now being hailed a "hero" up and down the country for his dedication to his job, and netizens are taking the opportunity to thank medics all over China for their work.

Chinese medical professionals have had an often fractious relationship with patients because of how understaffed hospitals are.

With patients greatly outnumbering medics, Chinese doctors and nurse are often accused of providing sub-par service.


Author: Scott Feng

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