This lost elephant was escorted on a 56-mile walk back to his home in a national park.


The wandering pachyderm known as Kaew turned up unexpectedly in the city of Klang in Rayong Province, south-eastern Thailand.


He is not said to have caused any trouble in the village apart from stealing some fruit from farmers’ orchards.


He was first spotted near Klang city hall and then explored the surrounding villages.


Officials in charge of looking after wildlife decided the best way to get him back to his home in the Khao Khitchakut National Park in Thailand’s south-eastern Chantaburi province was to walk him there rather than have him tranquilised and carted on a lorry.


So they set off on the long trek, though Kaew was the only one who had to walk all the way, as his entourage of guides could ride in a car.


Teenager Kaew is said to be a "free-spirited" elephant who also shows signs of high intelligence and kindness.


He is popular with people wherever he shows up, despite his habit of taking fruit from farmers’ trees.


People loved seeing him play in the canal, report Thai media.


Obviously an elephant who loves to wander, this is the second time Kaew has been returned to his home from Rayong Province.


In 2014 he arrived after a solo adventure and had to be taken back there, officials report.


Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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