A villager lost her life while working on a tea farm with her husband when he cut into both her legs with a strimmer equipped with a circular blade.

The gruesome accident sent the woman, surnamed Xu, into shock and she later died of excessive blood loss after her husband sawed into both her legs just above her calves with a strimmer equipped with a circular saw.

According to residents in Daiqiao Village - which is in Mucheng Township, Leshan City in south-western China’s Sichuan Province - the victim let out an almighty howl after the accident and they all ran over to check on her.

The couple are said to have been trimming tea trees, and she was tasked with collecting the twigs and branches her husband sheared off with the device that comes with one spinning metal saw.

It is unclear what exactly led to the accident, but the victim was last seen losing consciousness while holding onto both her bloodied and mangled legs.

Local villagers bandaged the woman and rushed her to the Mucheng Township Central Hospital, but medics pronounced her dead on arrival.

Doctors at the facility said the grass trimmer had severed the major artery in the woman’s right leg and also cut through the bone; her left leg was lacerated as well, but the bone was not severed, experts added.

The woman arrived with no pulse and is believed to have died shortly after the accident.

Reports did not say whether local police were investigating the case or if the husband is likely to be charged.


Author: Scott Feng

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