A little girl nearly had her thumb amputated after a single strand of her mother’s hair became tangled around the digit and cut off its blood supply.


According to the mum surnamed Huang, she was changing her daughter’s clothes one day when she spotted the hair wrapped around the thumb on her right hand.


The strand had tangled around the digit so tightly that it caused the girl’s thumb to swell to several times the normal size - and it hurt when she tried to tug the hair off.


The five-month-old child was taken to the Xuzhou Renci Hospital in Xuzhou City, in East China’s Jiangsu Province.


The hair is thought to have been stuck there for a number of days, because the child’s flesh had started to grow around it, causing the single strand to become buried in her skin.


Tang Hongwei, the attending physician at the hospital, said: "The hair wrapped around the girl’s thumb, but also got stuck in place after tangling into a knot."


"We found that the thumb was experiencing a blockage in blood flow, so had she arrived a few days later, we might have had to amputate it."


Luckily for Huang and her little girl, the procedure to have the hair removed was a fair simple one and the infant is now recovering.


The medics do not expect her to suffer any long-term effects from the accident, and Huang has promised to be more careful.


Author: Chris Tang

Christina Tang is based in Central China and has been working as a reporter exclusively for Asia Wire for the past two years.

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