Stunned doctors have removed a long shard of glass from the bottocks of a young schoolgirl and they have no idea how it got there.


Medics at the Second People’s Hospital of Nanyang City, in Central China’s Henan Province, said the case defies all logic - and the family is refusing to reveal more details about the nine-year-old’s injury.


The girl named Ding Jiayin, who attends a local boarding school, was brought to the facility by her parents who said she had a "foreign object" inside her.


Scans showed the sharp glass, measuring 13 centimetres (5 inches) in length, resting in her left buttock - with the sharp end pointing downwards.


The appeared to have no exterior injuries, which did not help doctors explain how or when the glass was inserted into her backside.


The medics said the girl was incoherent and was unable to properly explain the injury, while her parents have also refused to say more about the bizarre case.


Surgeons successfully removed the length shard of glass and the girl is recovering well.


One of the attending physicians was quoted as saying:  "The biggest mystery for us now is how the shard of glass was inserted into the girl’s body in the first place.


"Logically speaking, the glass should have entered from the bottom up or from the side forwards, but it appeared to be have been inserted from the top down."


The hospital did not say whether they planned to contact the authorities about the case.


Author: Scott Feng

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