A rich villager held a lavish celebration to mark his son’s birth and even invited exotic dancers to strip and pee onstage in a bizarre performance.

The young women are said to have been paid around 500 RMB (60 GBP) each to take part in the unorthodox festivities, which were to mark nine days since the birth of the villager’s son.


The number nine in Chinese - pronounced "jiu" - is a homonym of a word meaning "long" or "lasting", and it is believed to be good luck to celebrate the ninth day of a child’s birth to ensure they live a long and fulfilling life.


But the wealthy man from Feiwang village, in Xinxiang County in Central China’s Henan Province, may have taken it a step too far by inviting the entire village, including many underage children, to the show.


The performance was held inside a tent and mobile phone footage later circulated online shows the young women stripping in front of the crowd to rave music.


But shockingly, after bending over in front of onlookers and exposing her private parts, one of the dancers urinates right in front of the men in what is believed to be part of the act.


Members of the public outside of the village have called the show "entirely inappropriate", but it is unclear whether there was any objection to it from the locals, who seemed fine bringing their kids to the X-rated celebration.


It is unclear whether the unnamed villager will be punished by authorities for hosting the show.

Strippers Invited To Pee Onstage In Weird Erotic Show
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Author: Mike Leidig

Michael Leidig is a British journalist based in Vienna, Austria. He has worked for Austrian as well as international media in print and broadcast, and is the owner and co-founder of Central European News (CEN).

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