A man has been impressing his neighbours by flying an incredible homemade kite measuring more than 4,000 feet.


The middle-aged kite enthusiast, who was identified by the surname Qin, said he spent two months building the kite with his friends, just because they had time on their hands.


The resident of Chongqing Municipality in south-western China says the kite is in fact made up of 500 or so smaller kites, which have been connected end to end.


The final product now measure 1,250 metres (4,101 feet) - or 0.78 miles - in length, and he has to haul it to his local park in boxes just so he can play with it.


Unsurprisingly, the pastime attracts hundreds of viewers every time it takes to the sky, with the little kites extending sometimes further than the eye can see.


The kite is so long, in face, that Qin says it takes about an hour to fly the entire thing into the sky.


That is longer than most normal kites manage to stay in the air, but Qin is a seasoned professional who has had a passion for kites for decades.


Interestingly, Chongqing has a history of unusual kites, with the Guinness World Records recognising the world’s longest in the municipality in 2015.


At the Wulong International Kite Flying Festival that year, a dragon-shaped kite comprising 2,000 pieces took to the sky and was found to measure a record-breaking 6,000 metres (19,685 feet).


Author: Scott Feng

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