A passionate couple snogged each other without stopping for more than two hours and successfully regained their title as the longest kissers on Valentine’s Day.


Peter Lin and his girlfriend of five years, Shawn Liu, had been crowned king and queen of the 2015 Non-Stop Happiness Kissing Contest, and this year they were back for more lip-locking action after failing to win last year.


The annual competition organised by the Breeze Center shopping complex, and now in its sixth edition, took place at Taipei Main Station - the main railway station of Taiwanese capital Taipei.


The popular local contest usually invites 20 couples to compete in several rounds of kissing challenges, but this year - to mark the 130th anniversary of the Taiwan Railways Administration - that number was extended to 65.


The 130 contestants were knocked out groups at a time during the seven stages of this year’s event, with the winners promised a new iPhone 7 as well as free tickets for a train journey around the island of Taiwan.


The kissing event had already seen a large portion of participants eliminated after only the first round, which required couples to lift their partners up in their arms while snogging for at least 30 minutes.


Only those who managed to hold on past the half-hour mark were allowed into round two.


Peter and Shawn regained their title in the seventh and final round, where only five couples remained, after locking lips for an incredible 142 minutes - two hours, 22 minutes and 24 seconds, to be exact.


The couple in their 20s said they looked forward to returning in 2018 for another go.


This Valentine’s Day kissing contest was also the first to invite gay couples, with three taking part.


Author: Scott Feng

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