A cheating husband and his mistress were bound to a chair and shamed after being caught red-handed by his family.


The man, whose name and age were not given, is said to have been spotted going on a date in an unnamed Chinese city.


Instead of picking a location far away, however, his choice of venue was easily uncovered by his suspicious wife, who brought along all the man’s in-laws and even his own parents.


After catching the husband and his lover, the pair were beaten and taken home, where their neighbours were invited to the spectacle.


A viral video of the pair now being widely viewed on Chinese social media site Sina Weibo as well as multimedia sharing platform Tencent shows the unnamed husband covered in what appears to be his own blood.


He is tied to the chair next to his lover, and both keep dead silent as their relatives encircle them, pointing fingers and criticising their affair.


Reports did not say what happened to the pair afterwards, but the unnamed mistress was likely allowed to leave as the man’s family has no legal grounds to keep her - because adultery is not a punishable crime in China.


The family, however, could face assault charges if the mistress decides to report them to the police.


Author: Lance Zhang

Lance Zhang is a reporter for Asia Wire

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