World’s fastest man Usain Bolt shows he knows how to make a fast buck, appearing in a Japanese advert for computer game Pokemon.


The ad shows the Jamaican rip off a mask and say: "Even in a Pokemon battle, I’m number one," in English before switching to what sounds like passable Japanese.


He and two video game characters then strike Bolt’s famous "lightning" pose.


In a second, similar ad, Bolt drops into a sprinter’s crouch and says: "Yo! We meet again. Don’t think you can run away."


Japan used to be a popular place for Hollywood A-listers to make some easy money by filming adverts, as they could be reasonably confident their undignified antics would remain unseen back home.


Sylvester Stallone once sold tinned ham and Leonardo DiCaprio flogged Suzuki cars.


But Japan now has enough home-grown stars and international celebs know any embarrassing vid can go viral these days.


Usain Bolt, however, seems happy to get a gig where he can.


Bolt has won eight Olympic gold medals at sprint events, but top sports people can have difficulty turning success in the stadium into financial success.


However invincible he is at sprinting though, Bolt appears to be no more unbeatable than the rest of us mere mortals at playing video games, as the end of the ad shows him throwing back his head in despair while playing on a handheld Nintendo console.


Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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