An incredible viral video with millions of views shows a martial arts enthusiast practicing his routine while standing on a moving motorcycle.


The crazy stunt was filmed by a stunned driver on the road behind the man, who is now being called the "Tai Chi brother" because of the bizarre display in Chengdu, capital of south-western China’s Sichuan Province.


Tai chi, also known as "taiji", is a form of internal Chinese martial art and is short for "taiji quan" - literally "Supreme Boxing".


Practitioners today, many of whom are middle-aged or elderly, learn the technique not for attack or self-defence, but because of the various health benefits it brings.


However, stunts like the one the Tai Chi Brother pulled may not end up giving one the desired longevity one seeks.


In the clip now viewed more than 3.3 million times at the time of writing on just one Chinese video-sharing platform alone, the unnamed man shows off tai chi’s typically slow hand movements, bringing his arms from side to side.


The motorcycle, which continues to roll forwards under his feet, somehow manages to stay in a straight line and does not topple over.


Despite his bold daytime display, Chengdu City authorities said they were unaware of the stunt and did not receive any complaints from drivers either.


However, having now seen the viral video, the authorities said they planned to fine the biker 200 RMB (23 GBP) for endangering public safety.


Author: Scott Feng

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