This is the moment a driver gives a policeman a lift after he spots the cop failing to stop an evasive motorist.

The suspect, whose name and age were not given, had refused to stop or produce his documents for the police officer, who was on foot, and quickly sped away down a main road in his silver SUV.

CCTV cameras from the city of Yichang, in Central China’s Hubei Province, show the lone cop helpless to prevent the suspect from speeding away at around 7:30am local time.

But the policeman, who calls for backup using his walkie-talkie, is spotted by a passing driver in his blue hatchback, and he pulls up alongside the officer and tells him to hop in.

Like a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie, the cop opens the car door and gets in as he and the helpful driver begin chasing the suspect down.

It was not long before they caught up with the SUV, which had become stuck in rush-hour morning traffic.

The cop and even the Good Samaritan both get out and convince the driver to give himself up.

Backup arrives a few minutes later, the authorities make their arrest and the helpful driver goes to work safe in the knowledge that his small gesture helped the authorities catch a criminal.

Investigators said the unnamed SUV driver was found to have amassed a staggering 61 traffic offences, which helped explain his eagerness to avoid arrest.

His violations mean that he will be fined a combined 7,700 RMB (897 GBP) and his driving licence will be docked 221 points.

According to Chinese traffic regulations, a 12-point deduction results in a suspension of one’s driving licence.


Author: Scott Feng

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