This is the hilarious moment a man’s mobile phone is flooded with messages from his angry girlfriend who is trying to track him down.

The man, who has seen the clip of his terrifying experience viewed nearly 300,000 times on social media at the time of writing, runs a shop in New Taipei City, in North Taiwan.

According to the boss, he left his girlfriend on the first floor of the shop and went downstairs to inspect the rest of the business.

However, his overly attached girlfriend appeared to be furious that he disappeared without notice and started spamming his inbox on Line - the Japanese instant-messaging application, usually styled as LINE.

Despite immediately realising that his girlfriend was upset, the man chose to stay downstairs and showed his phone to five of his employees, who could not help but gasp and laugh at the hundreds of messages buzzing his phone.

The Line messages do not stop during the 1 minute 45 second video, with the boss saying his girlfriend finally gave in after about 2 minutes.

Netizens on Taiwanese social media have liked the man’s video nearly 10,000 times and have left just as many comments, most of which have wished him "good luck" for when his girlfriend finally does find him.

Towards the end of the video, the man’s employees jokingly place a monkey wrench over his mobile phone for him to smash the device as a last resort.

Neither the man nor his girlfriend were named.


Author: Scott Feng

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