This is the moment traffic officers found 74 nursery school children packed into a minibus.

The kids, who were accompanied by one teacher, were all on their way to class in the village of Yangzhuang, in Yanghe County in Central China’s Henan Province, when they were spotted by the officers at 7:40am local time.

And the policemen did not have a hard time identifying the overcrowded vehicle after they spotted a number of the young children standing at the front, their faces almost pressing against the windscreen.

The vehicle, driven by a 27-year-old man surnamed Yang, was immediately pulled over and its occupants were ordered out onto the village road.

Footage of the incident shows stunned traffic cops opening the minibus door to find it full of young children, led by one female teacher from his nursery school.

The kids, who were completely unaware of the dangers of being inside an overcrowded vehicle, piled out onto the road and were made to stand in single file.

The video even shows one boy gesturing the "V" peace sign at the cop after releasing they were being filmed.

Yang, a local villager, was found not to have the proper licence to operate the illegal school bus, the like of which is commonplace in rural China where infrastructure is poor or lacking altogether.

Parents who have no time to drive their kids to and from school rely heavily on these school buses, which also charge a low fee for their services.

The nursery school children were eventually sent to class in separate police cars, while Yang and the teacher are being investigated for the offence.

Yang is likely to lose his licence for carrying - including him and the teacher - 76 people inside the 19-seater minibus.


Author: Scott Feng

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