This baby is living proof that man and machine can coexist peacefully after hitching a ride on a motorised vacuum cleaner.

The tiny newborn was placed on the self-moving machine by his joker dad who kept a close eye on the little one as he whizzed around.

The incident happened in Singapore and was uploaded online by the baby's auntie who thought it was hilarious.

The baby, who looks to be only weeks old, is placed on top of the robotic machine and is then moved across the floor.

The sister of the joking dad, named ‘Rabz’, wrote: "Things my brother would do - putting his son on an automated vacuum" alongside a laughing face emoji.

The video has been shared and viewed thousands of times by delighted netizens who thought it was funny to watch the newborn spin around.

One wrote: "What a great idea" while another, named ‘itsjnyo’ wrote: "HAHAHAHA."

In September last year a super chilled cat made the headlines after she was filmed whizzing around on a customised Roomba.

It is not known where the footage was shot, but the feline went viral - after tens of thousands of delighted fans shared the adorable footage of the relaxed cat.

The cat was seen lounging around on a Roomba while the automated vacuum cleaned the floors.

The machine-turned-cat car made the perfect ride for the animal who seemed to really enjoy its effortless ride around the house as it snuggled inside a plastic box put on top which was filled with a blanket and cushion.

The innovative owner had even placed a sticker on the side of the vacuum with the words 'cat car'.


Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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