A young boy had an amazing escape when he fell off a 100-metre cliff and was caught in a narrow crevice on the way down.

The boy was rescued by a firefighter who abseiled down the almost sheer cliff to reach him in the city of Lanzhou in north-western China's Gansu Province.

Rescuers said that he was "scared but not injured" following his ordeal which began when he fell from the 100-metre (328-foot) cliff top while playing with two friends.

He ended up trapped in the narrow crevice, about 30 to 40 metres (98 to 131 feet) above the ground, which was only just big enough for him to fit inside.

Eyewitnesses raised the alarm and the emergency services were quickly on the scene, however firefighter quickly realised they could not reach the boy with their ladders.

So one fireman abseiled down from the top of the cliff, tied a safety rope around the boy, and then carried him down to the ground.

They climbed onto a ladder for the last few metres of their descent to complete the rescue operation which took about 10 minutes.

Neither the name nor the age of the boy have been released.

Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province, lies on the banks of the Yellow River and is a key regional transport hub. Historically, it was a major link on the Northern Silk Road.


Author: Scott Feng

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