Firefighters have rescued a little girl from a washing machine after she climbed into the spin dryer one day and turned it on.

The dual-function machine was left plugged in and turned off by the three-year-old tot’s parents, who left her at home alone while running a short errand in Hejing County, which is in north-western China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

When they got back, however, the girl was heard crying, and when they rushed over they found the lower half of her body stuck in the spin dryer.

The toddler is believed to have climbed in out of curiosity and later claimed she turned on the machine "for fun".

The tumbling mechanism latched onto her clothes and jammed, leaving her stuck inside.

Her worried parents called the local fire service, and rescuers arrived with heavy-duty tools a short while later.

Footage of her rescue shows firemen having already pulled the spin dryer out of the washing machine housing and in the process of dismantling the plastic core.

Reports said the process took about 20 minutes, with the girl successfully pulled free from the spin dryer, which is now no longer usable.

The worried said kissed his daughter continuously after her rescue when he realised he should not have left her unattended.

The girl suffered some redness on her legs and feet, but besides that was not injured.


Author: Scott Feng

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