A construction worker miraculously survived after falling onto a set of reinforced steel bars and impaling his body in four places.

The four bars shot into the man’s chest, stomach, back and thighs, causing him to be stuck at the worksite and suspended in mid air.

Rescue footage from the worksite in Bengbu City, in East China’s Anhui Province, shows the painful moment firefighters and the victim’s colleagues did their best to hold him steady.

The man, who remained partially conscious throughout, had to keep still for more than half an hour as rescuers sheared and cut the steel bars - also known as "rebars" - stuck in his body.

The excruciating pain causes him to shout while members of the fire service also ask him to "hang on" as they using electric saws and large pliers on the bars.

They were advised not to remove the metal bars on site and instead shortened them as much as possible before carrying the workman to an ambulance.

He was rushed to hospital where he underwent successful surgery to have the remaining sections of the steel bars removed.

He is now recovering and is in stable condition, but doctors did not say whether the man would suffer any long-term effects from his injuries.

The unnamed workman’s colleagues said they believed he fell after accidentally losing his footing.


Author: Lance Zhang

Lance Zhang is a reporter for Asia Wire

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