A construction worker who fell while installing a billboard survived after being caught by a man who used to work as Jet Li’s stunt double.

The lucky workman from Taicang, a county-level city in the city of Suzhou in East China’s Jiangsu Province, was halfway through putting up the ad board when the two-storey scaffolding he was standing on suddenly buckled underneath him.

Security footage of the incident shows the worker climbing onto the scaffolding, which collapses and then leaves him clinging onto the wall.

Witnesses said the man was stuck about 8 metres (26 feet) up and was yelling for help. He also appeared close to falling as his fingers slowly lost their grip.

Fortunately, the yelling workman was heard by a female shopkeeper named Gu Zhiying, who told her husband Wu Qiang - the 48-year-old stuntman.

Wu rushed over to find the worker hanging on for dear life, and he tried to make him hold on for longer until a cushion could be brought over.

But before help could arrive, the workman fell towards the ground.

In the video now being shared on Chinese social media, Wu can be seen "catching" the worker, not entirely but certainly softening his landing in the process.

According the authorities, the worker suffered only minor injuries to his chest and did not have a hard landing thanks to Wu, who said the worker "fainted immediately" out of fright.

It was only later revealed that Wu had been learning martial arts since the age of seven and worked as a stunt double for the Beijing-born Jet Li, who is known locally by his Chinese name Li Lianjie and who is known for movies such as "Hero" and "The Expendables" series.


Author: Scott Feng

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