A shocking viral video has captured the moment a cement lorry driver flies into the air after he opens the hatch to his tank and it explodes in his face.

The clip now viewed several million times on Chinese social media over the past 48 hours is believed to have been shot in eastern or south-eastern China.

The traffic camera footage shows the lorry operator parked on a road and standing on top of the tank full of cement, appearing to be inspecting the cargo.

It is still unclear why he was trying to open the hatch to the cement hold, but reports said he made a mistake and caused the pressurised substances to explode into the air.

The dramatic video shows the contents of the tank bursting into the air, creating a grey and white cloud, while the man flies upwards and disappears completely out of camera shot.

The video ends before the man can be seen landing anywhere on screens, and reports have yet to clarify whether the driver survived what would have been a potentially fatal accident.

The authorities in China have not commented on the content of the video, making it unclear where exactly it took place.

Judging by the date on the security footage, the incident took place at the end of March.


Author: Scott Feng

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