This is the heart-warming moment a boy lets a girl stands on his shoulders after she fell through a set of burglar bars and hung in mid-air by her neck.

The girl, whose name was not given, had climbed onto the security bars through her home’s open window and she fell straight through after losing her footing.

Her fall was stopped by her neck and head, which saw her dangling there without support.

Fortunately, her home is right next to the primary school where her hero, Zhang Kaihai, attends class in the city of Yichun, in East China’s Jiangxi Province.

Zhang and his friend, Peng Haoming, were playing on the sports track when they heard and then spotted the little girl in distress on the first floor.

Witnesses said Zhang told his friend to give him a boost, and he managed to climb the metal rain cover to her position.

Touching footage now going viral on Chinese social media shows the schoolboy standing underneath the burglar bars while hoisting the girl up on his shoulders, successfully relieving the pressure on her neck.

He stood there for more than 30 minutes until members of the local fire service arrived to take over.

The firemen tied a safety rope around the little boy as well to ensure that he did not fall while performing the heroic act.

In the end the girl was saved and the boys - now being hailed as heroes - left.


Author: Lily Liu

Lily Liu is a freelance journalist based in Central China. She covers Chinese-language news for Asia Wire from on the ground.

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