Incredible viral footage shows an alleged mistress attacking a married woman after being accused of meddling with her hubby behind her back.

The dramatic catfight takes place very publically at a shopping centre food court in Lishui City, in East China’s Zhejiang Province, and the confrontation did not go as planned for the wife.

The woman, whose husband had apparently been maintaining a suspiciously close friendship with the younger would-be mistress, approached the alleged homewrecker and accused her of interfering with their relationship.

But she appeared to have made the mistake of arriving without backup, and she is quickly overpowered during the altercation.

The video now going viral on Chinese social media with more than 1 million views at the time of writing shows the suspected lover pinning the wife to a table.

She upends a plastic drinks container over her face, choking her in the liquid as she tugs on her hair.

The altercation was then brought out onto the street, where the worried wife was said to have been kicked and slapped to the ground.

The mistress, who had at least one other friend helping her during the fight, can be heard saying to the wife: "I’ve given you many chances.

"I told you nothing will happen between me and your husband. Nothing is going on between us."

In the end bystanders helped the wife call local police, and the authorities went on to detain both parties for investigation.


Author: Scott Feng

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