Two 3-year-old girls tragically lost their lives after climbing into a cement mixer and accidentally turning the machine on.

One of the toddlers was found without vital signs, while the other died while being rushed to the North Sichuan Medical University, in south-western China’s Sichuan Province.

Local residents reported finding the mangled and badly harmed bodies of the two girls at around 6:20pm local time.

The pair, whose exact relation to each other has yet to be made clear, are believed to have wandered away from their guardians and ended up inside an abandoned construction site in Saima Township, which is in Sichuan’s Guang’an City.

The area had been left unmanned for a number of days and no workers were on site to stop the kids from climbing into the mixer, which was still plugged in.

The authorities believe the girls then switched on the machine used for stirring cement and were crushed by the rotating arm inside.

The horrific, high-profile tragedy is now the subject of an official investigation, but it is unclear who will take responsibility for their deaths of the two unnamed 3-year-olds.

In similar cases in the past, Chinese authorities have found construction firms guilty of not properly sealing off their worksite and disconnect all their equipment, while the parents of the victims have also been found negligent.


Author: Scott Feng

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