This is the horrific moment a little boy jumps to death from his 19th-storey flat after his dad said he could not watch any more television.

The 10-year-old schoolboy, who was identified only by his surname Lv, is believed to have died instantly after falling onto a car and then bouncing onto the road outside his home.

The shocking incident was captured by surveillance cameras in Chongqing Municipality’s Dazu District, in south-western China, when it happened at around 6pm local time.

The child had just got home from school and wanted to relax with a few minutes of TV, but his strict father did not let him and ordered him to go study.

The boy did not take the parenting well and reacted in a way that left his family stunned and horrified.

According to local authorities, the boy did not say a word and marched angrily towards his room.

Once inside, he opened his bedroom window on the 19th floor of the residential tower and jumped out.

CCTV footage shows him slamming into the parked car before bouncing off and landing in the road, where his parents later found him lifeless and covered in blood.

The boy was officially pronounced dead by arriving paramedics, and local police are now investigating the tragedy.


Author: Scott Feng

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