A video of a snake suddenly showing up in an internet cafe and terrifying customers has gone viral in Thailand.

More than five million people have viewed the video captured by CCTV cameras in the gaming cafe in Wiset Chai Charn in central Thailand’s Ang Thong Province.

A man is seen opening the front door and nearly jumps out of his skin as the reptile comes in hot on his heels.

It gets tangled around his foot as he runs away. He manages to flail his leg enough that the reptile is dislodged and it flies under some chairs in the corner.

Chaos ensues with the man rolling around on the floor before getting up and running away as other customers scramble for cover, climbing on chairs to get out of the snake’s way.

"Mail and Mint" shop owner Thanakorn Suphatpong, 35, said the reptilian interloper eventually left the shop when all the doors were left wide open.

The video was posted on social media with the tagline: "True story - really hurt - no acting."

Some reports said the reptile had bee flung into the shop by a prankster, but there was no further details on the identity of the assumed prankster or whether police were investigating.

It is unclear what kind of snake took the starring role in the video although Thailand is home to some of the most venomous species on earth.

They include king cobras (Ophiophagus hannah) which can grow to five metres in length, vipers and many others with toxic bites.


Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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