This heartbreaking footage shows a little girl crying her eyes out after her teacher discovered a puppy hidden in her rucksack and the pupil thinks it will be thrown away.

The four-year-old nursery school pupil nicknamed "Qi Qi" found the abandoned stray puppy on the side of the road, so she decided to rescue it by hiding it inside her bag.

She showed the dog to her classmates at the school in Suining City’s Guanyin Township, in south-western China’s Sichuan Province, but she did not tell her teacher.

When the teacher heard her the puppy whining and barking from the girl’s bag, the other kids revealed her secret and Qi Qi was called to the faculty office for a talk.

The terrified girl reluctantly unzipped her rucksack and showed her teacher the sleeping puppy, but the video made by her teacher shows the child crying too - because she thought the small dog would be killed.

Qi Qi says to her teacher: "It won’t bite" and continues to cry.

But the teacher, who was not named in reports, said she had no intention of killing the pup.

She was quoted as saying: "The little girl thought we were going to throw the puppy into a river and drown it.

"At the end of the day she took the puppy home, and now it’s being taken care of by her and her twin sister."

The nursery school, which already has a resident white rabbit for the kids to place with, encourages the protection of small animals and uses specimens like their bunny to teach the younger generation how to care for their pets.


Author: Scott Feng

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