A mother who has spent 15 years looking for her runaway daughter believes she has finally found her in a YouTube video.

The desperate mum broke down in tears after spotting her lost child in a viral video.

The footage showed a woman with no or legs, singing for money in the street in Zunyi, in Guizhou province, southern China.

Her family instantly recognised her as Mou Cuicui, who was a normal, healthy girl, when she ran away from home aged just 16.

Mou, who was 5 foot 4 inches, used to work in a textile factory before she disappeared from Guangrao County in Shandong province north-central China.

The woman in the footage has had her arms cut off and holds a microphone in her stump.

Her legs have been amputated below the knee.

But she sings in a beautiful voice which her family said she mastered before running away from home.

They fear she had her limbs forcibly removed so she would attract more sympathy while begging on the streets.

Mou’s brother saw the footage and showed it to the rest of the family who believe it is the missing girl, based on her age, appearance and voice.

The family have now put out an online appeal for help in tracking down the beggar who they believe is their daughter.

It has been viewed more than 70 million times and attracted more than 50,000 comments on the social media website Weibo.

Police have now opened an investigation to try and track down the woman in the video, so the family can meet her in person and determine if she is the missing girl.


Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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