A petite Japanese social media star with over three million followers has made a video of herself eating 3.4 kilogrammes of instant noodles.

The pretty young woman wolfed down a massive 3.4-kilogramme (7.49-lb) serving of cup noodles, the equivalent of 3,670 calories.

Kinoshita Yuka filmed herself pouring 10 portions of the noodles into a large bowl.

The popular Japanese YouTube star, who has almost three million subscribers, can be seen covering them with spicy chilli crab sauce.

She then uses chopsticks and a spoon to start slurping up the huge helping of food.

Incredibly she does not stop until she has finished every last drop of the massive meal.

In the video, which has been watched more than 600,000 times, she says: "I liked how the soup was full of rich flavours."

The diminutive vlogger has become famous for posting videos of her incredible eating challenges online.

It is a mystery how Kinoshita - who is a regular at eating competitions - remains so thin.

She has previously filmed herself eating 4,307 calories worth of KFC in one sitting.

Other videos show her eating 100 slices of bread and 5,445 calories worth of McDonald's.

Kinoshita has also scoffed down 62 burgers in seven minutes, three pounds of steak in five minutes and 200 pieces of sushi in eight minutes.

She has also been filmed eating 4.3 kilogrammes (9.4 lbs) of instant noodles and devouring a 3.9-kilogramme (8.5-lb) bowl of instant chow mein in three minutes and 20 seconds.

Not to mention 14,466 calories worth of cheese croquettes and 13,941 calories in a cheese hamburger rice bowl.


Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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