This incredible footage shows Chinese police destroying tens of thousands of illegal fireworks using dynamite and fuel.

The practice of making sure the dodgy products do not wind up in consumers’ hands via the black market has only been done for the second time by the authorities in Huangshi City, in Central China’s Hubei Province, who started in 2014.

The pyrotechnics - more than 30,000 boxes of them - has been collected over the past year from illegal firework factories as well as connected storage and vending facilities.

The footage now being widely shared on Chinese social media shows the authorities having gathered the countless boxes inside a giant quarry, which they borrowed for the massive demolition job.

Officials said they used sticks of dynamite to set off the boxes of fireworks, but also doused diesel fuel over the products in order to speed up the ignition process.

The video shares the fireworks erupting in a dramatic crescendo, which the cops said continued for an entire hour until all the products were burnt out.

The illegal goods grow in numbers particularly during the Chinese New Year period, where it is customary to set off fireworks in order to ring in the new lunar year.

In spite of the fact that major Chinese cities such as capital Beijing and Shanghai have already banned the use of fireworks for environmental reasons, residents in the rest of China are free to purchase and use pyrotechnics.

But many are manufactured and acquired through illegal channels, which leads to large-scale confiscations carried out by the authorities.


Author: Scott Feng

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