An adorable red panda was caught on video trying to pick a fight with a rock.

The hilarious video shows the real life "Kung Fu Panda" attempting to intimidate the boulder.

In the clip, the loveable little critter can seen bounding out of a hole in his enclosure at the safari park in Himeji, a city in the Kansai region of Japan.

Visitors to the Himeji Central Park film the cuddly mammal as he prances over the dirt in his enclosure.

But as soon as he reaches the rock he becomes startled and suddenly goes into fighting mode.

He can be seen quickly backing away from the boulder as he psyches himself out for a brawl.

The red panda can the standing on his hind legs to make himself appear bigger to his opponent.

He throws his paws up in the air in an attempt to intimidate the rock, which unsurprising continues to sit there without reacting.

The panda then launches himself forward, repeatedly slapping the rock with his little paws.

He then stops and gives the rock a long sniff, as if suddenly realising the error of his ways.

The adorable animal then scampers off, returning somewhat sheepishly back into his sleeping area.

Throughout the fight, a group of tourists can be heard talking excitedly in the background.

The hilarious clip was shared online in September by a zoo visitor and has just gone viral now.


Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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