This unbelievable footage from China has captured the moment an alleged mistress had her skirt lifted up and was whipped with a stick by her lover’s furious wife.

The pair are thought to have been getting frisky inside the husband’s car when his wife stormed in and caught the lovers red handed.

Accompanied by her relatives, the wife confronted her cheating spouse, who tries desperately to defend his pretty young girlfriend in the video now being widely shared on social media with more than half a million views.

The clip shows the wife having forced the car door open and tugging the suspected homewrecker’s hair, while her half-dressed husband tries to shield her from the attacks.

The wife pulls the mistress’s hair in an attempt to get her onto the street - but she does not unbuckle the woman’s seat belt and the pair end up locked in the violent tussle.

At one point, the wife even hikes up the mistress’s dress and starts whipping her on the thigh and backside, causing the younger woman to cry in pain while the husband tries his best to protect her.

The video ends with the husband, mistress, wife and relatives stuck in an awkward tangle next to the car, and it is for the moment unclear whether local police were called to mediate what has become a common and ongoing social issue.

Because adultery is not outlawed in China - it is only illegal to register two marriages at the same time - wives and husbands who find their spouses cheating feel the need to handle the matters themselves and dish out mob justice on the guilty party.

However, sometimes the punishment goes too far and police end up arresting the attackers instead for assault.


Author: Scott Feng

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