A shocked parent has captured the moment a young mother completely loses it and ends up screaming at a little girl after she stepped on her son’s foot.

The gross overreaction happened at a shopping centre in the city of Hangzhou, capital of East China’s Zhejiang Province, where the mum, her husband and her little boy had gone to play.

Sometime while the boy was playing, the little girl in pink accidentally stepped on his foot - and this was spotted by the his furious mum.

The boy appeared fine and did not even cry after the clearly accidental stomp, but his mum refused to let it go and demanded an apology from the girl.

Mobile phone footage of the incident now going viral on social media shows the girl’s mum calling her over to say sorry, while continuing to apologise on her daughter’s behalf too.

But the boy’s mum is not having it and tells the girl to say sorry to her and her son’s face.

Even the mum’s husband tells her to "calm down", but her voice gets louder and louder to the point where she makes her son cry.

The little girl hides in her mum’s arms and does not say a word, and the boy’s parent grabs her and tries to physically force an apology from her.

She becomes enraged in the end and yells: "Say sorry!" at the little girl, and she has to be pulled back by her husband another relative.

The bizarre incident ended with no serious injuries caused to any party, but netizens said they are still unable to understand why the mum reacted that way to such a trivial accident, especially when her son was not harmed in any way.


Author: Lily Liu

Lily Liu is a freelance journalist based in Central China. She covers Chinese-language news for Asia Wire from on the ground.

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