This is the horrific moment a little girl is run over twice but survives after a clueless family friend reverses over her with their front and back wheels.


The one-year-old tot, whose name was not given, was playing in the street outside her home in Chongyang County, in Central China’s Hubei Province, when the driver - the son of her dad’s friend - nearly kills her.


Security cameras picked up the moment the little girl wearing pink is knocked to the ground by the reversing Audi, with the driver seemingly unaware that she was there to begin with.


The girl was standing behind the rear bumper of the car and is believed to have been too short for the driver to spot her.


After being knocked onto the street and run over by the first tyre, the driver does not realise his mistake and continues reversing until the second tyre also rolls over the victim’s entire body, pushing her face against the asphalt.


The crying girl is later spotted by her mum, who rushes to her side and picks her up.


Incredibly, the victim’s dad said the girl suffered only minor scratches on her face and did not require extensive hospital treatment.


She was taken to the emergency room by the family friend, who will not be punished because the family decided not to press charges.


Author: Scott Feng

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