A hilarious video with nearly 15 million social media views shows a woman driver trying to lift her car into a parking spot after she failed to park it properly.

The incredible scenes were captured by surveillance cameras in the city of Jimo, which is in Qingdao City in East China’s Shandong Province - and they continued for over seven minutes.

The woman and her friend arrived at the car park and immediately began struggling to get into the narrow space.

She attempts to park, but then reverses and tries again for several minutes until she finally gives up.

At one point she also asks her friend to get out and help her.

The side-splitting video now viewed 14.5 million times shows the pair standing at the back of the sedan and bending over in an impossible attempt to lift the back of the car.

Unsurprisingly, the pair fail and do not get the car to budge one bit.

In the end the driver of the car parked next to them arrives and "rescues" them by driving their vehicle into the spot in one swift attempt.

He then gets in his car and drives off - but not before getting an earful from the unnamed ladies for apparently parking too close to their spot.


Author: Scott Feng

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