Recently released footage from a Taiwanese motorway has captured an incredible rush-hour phenomenon that has become known over the years as the "scooter waterfall".

While morning and afternoon rush-hour traffic is already very much part and parcel of life in Taiwanese capital Taipei, the sight of hundreds of thousands of scooters jamming the motorway is still fascinating tourists from around the world.

Videos of the insane phenomenon have been going viral for years, but the recent clip shows that the infamous "jiche pubu" - Mandarin for "scooter waterfall" - has not changed one bit as endless rows of motor vehicles charge off the slip road into the city.

The junction leading off from Taipei Bridge, where the scenes are usually filmed, is often packed with tourists from Japan who fly all the way over to witness what is for the Taiwanese a very common sight.

As the endless scooter riders squeeze shoulder to shoulder down the slip road on their way to work, it helps visitors visualise just what the city’s 1 million scooters look like.

The statistic also means that, in a city of 2.7 million people, there is roughly one scooter for every 2.5 residents.


Author: Scott Feng

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