Police are investigating after a sickening viral video showed a little girl being tortured by her own grandmother and aunt while stuffed inside a sack.

The shocking video has since gained more than 10 million social media views since it was first uploaded a little over 72 hours ago - and no suspects have been identified or arrested, according to police in Lianjiang City, in South China’s Guangdong Province.

It is unclear what the young girl did to deserve the inhumane treatment - from her own family no less - as the video starts with the child already inside the white sack usually used to catch snakes or other reptiles.

It shows the child’s grandmother poking and prodding the outside of the sack, causing the girl to cry, and then also rolling the bag along the ground.

Later in the horrific video, which gained more than 50,000 comments online, a younger woman - believed to be her aunt - can be seen whipping the child with a stick while her nan films from the sidelines.

The women speak in a dialect consistent with those living in Lianjiang, where the cops said they were taking the case seriously and are now searching for the authors of the video.

The pair could face serious punishment if found guilty of child abuse, including several years in jail.


Author: Scott Feng

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