A plane full of passengers had their flight delayed by nearly half an hour after a quarrelling couple started wrestling each other on the tarmac before take-off.


The husband and wife were filmed shouting at one another at the bottom of the steps leading onto China Eastern Airlines flight 5843, which was minutes away from leaving Changshui International Airport.


According to staff at the airport serving the city of Kunming, capital of south-western China’s Yunnan Province, the pair began raising their voices while standing in the queue and then refused to board the 11am flight to Chengdu, capital of neighbouring Sichuan Province.


Airline staff were called to break up the fight between the couple, but footage of the bizarre incident shows the violence only escalating further.


The man and the woman end up brawling on the tarmac, with the husband pinning his wife to the ground and swinging his fists in the direction of her face.


At one point, the husband even manages to lose his T-shirt after it is tugged off by his spouse.


Kunming City authorities were eventually called and the couple were denied access to the plane when they eventually stopped fighting.


Flight MU 5843 took off with a 28-minute delay, eventually landing in Chengdu at 12:36pm local time.


The unnamed couple, however, have been arrested and are now under investigation, with the police saying the pair were in the middle of a divorce.


Author: Scott Feng

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