An American man faced a barrage of sexual harassment from a man on a train in Singapore.


His female friend filmed the shocking incident on the underground train as an Asian man repeatedly asked him for sex.


The man, who looks in his sixties on the video, says to Joe DeMarini: "You’re f***ing gay, I’m a gay as well."


The woman filming bursts out in surprise: "Excuse me?"


The Asian man replies: "I’m talking to him, I’m not talking to you."


After some more argument he tells Mr DeMarini: "She’s not your friend, I’m your friend. I want to f*** you tonight."


Mr DeMarini says: "I don’t know who you are and I’m not interested."


But the man persists, ignoring r DeMarini’s protests that he is not gay and telling him: "You’re gay and I want you to f*** me tonight."


After Mr DeMarini asks the man not to touch him again, he says: "Singapore is not like America. I can touch you because I’m gay."


The man’s belligerent tone attracts the attention of a female passenger, who tries to calm to situation.


After arguing with her he leans back over to Mr DeMarini and says: "Can I kiss you? I want to kiss you now."


Mr DeMarini loses his cool and says: "I’ll punch your f***ing face off," which angers the gay man, who lands a slap on his head.


The clip ends with another man on the train trying to talk sense into the gay man, with little success, as he keeps saying: "He’s a gay, I’m a gay."


Mr DeMarini and his friend alighted from the train shortly afterwards, and though his would-be lover followed them they managed to lose him.


He admitted to being unsettled by the incident, writing on his social media account: "Hey Singapore friends: just a heads up, this guy physically assaulted me on the MRT, so if you ever see him, be on your guard. I was with a friend and he approached me–drunk–and said he was gay, and that he wanted to f*** me. He said, "I know you’re gay, so let’s f***.


"He touched me, and I told him not to, and I briefly lost my temper - after that he slapped me on the side of the head. He kept going on and on.


"For those of you that don’t know: I’m not gay (not that it should matter). However, I don’t exactly fit the "masculine" mould of society, so oftentimes I am mistaken as queer."


"For those asking "Why didn’t you fight back or call the police?" I say, "I am a white immigrant in a country where I do not have citizenship and am a minority. Law enforcement may not take my side, despite video and photo evidence." This is something I learned while living in South Korea, where no amount of assimilation will protect you when a Korean is arguing against you. In this situation, there’s a chance I would’ve been accused of inciting violence, and been charged accordingly."


"A slap on the head is nothing, really, but I feel completely unsettled. Singapore has been a trial by fire since my first day, and this doesn’t help.


"I wish I’d said thank you to the train people who took a stand and put themselves between me and this man, but I was too rattled to muster it (at least I could thank my friend, who had the good sense to make a video). I wish I’d sat in a different train car, and the whole situation could’ve been avoided.


"Was it the V-neck I was wearing? My ripped skinny jeans? I probably should have held my temper, but that’s not my character. Could I have found a way to peacefully defuse the whole situation? It’s obviously not my fault but, somehow, a part of me is convinced it was."


The gay man in the video was not identified and since Mr DeMarini did not inform police of the harassment they are not thought to be looking for him.


Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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