Bizarre viral footage shows how one family decided to cook a koi fish for lunch by deep-frying the species usually seen as ornaments in zen ponds.


The odd choice by the residents of Taiwan have now got social media users up in arms and spamming the question "why?".


A picture of the colourful koi defrosting in a plastic bowl as well as the video of one of the fish sizzling in a wok have been widely shared online, gaining more than 1 million views at the time of writing.


The netizen who shared the video, surnamed Hsieh, claimed it was sent by their friend, whose parents decided to make lunch with "saltwater fish".


But the more he looked at the so-called ocean catch the more he thought they looked like koi - the colourful variety of the otherwise greyish-looking domesticated common carp (Cyprinus carpio).


Koi are not only relatively more costly, they are also generally only used as ornaments in ponds and gardens in East Asian culture, with the species particularly popular in Japanese culture.


While no law prohibits the family from deep-frying their koi, netizens said they were "put off" by the sight of the beautiful species being cooked - and some also want to know whether they taste any better than regular carp?


One Taiwanese restaurant owner, surnamed Ho, weighed in on the debate, saying: "Carp are generally more tender. I’ve never heard of anyone using koi before, because koi are priced differently."


The case, it seems, still remains a mystery.


Author: Scott Feng

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